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Huffy Cruiser Bikes: Going on a bike ride is a great pleasure that everyone will love to experience, but when it comes down to overall comfort beach cruiser bikes is your best bet. Among the many brands of cruiser bikes available in the market, the Huffy cruiser bikes happen to be the best as they offer real pleasure and comfort as you cruise along paved paths around your neighborhood.

These beach cruiser bikes can be used by everyone, that is, it has designed for both men and women. As for me, I have the female version of this amazing cruiser bike, although huffy cruiser bikes for women has different models such as the 26″ Huffy Cranbrook Women’s cruiser bike, pistachio, 26″ Huffy Nelson Lusso Women’s cruiser bike, 26″ Women’s Deluxe cruiser bike etc.

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My best choice was the 26″ Women’s deluxe cruiser bike, what I love so much about this huffy cruiser is that it looks so simple and classic, also when I cruise along my neighborhood, this amazing bike always turns a lot of heads in a good way, and this is mainly because of its stylish vintage look. Though this bike wasn’t designed to climb mountains or zoom through traffic, nevertheless huffy beach cruisers offer calm and relaxed fun that portrays elegance and comfort. My huffy cruiser has really helped me shed some extra pounds without much hassle as all I have to do is to cruise along the beach while enjoying the beautiful scenery for a few hours and then I head back home.

Let’s check out some cool features of this cruiser bike before we go any further so you can have an idea of how amazing huffy cruiser bikes are.

Huffy Bicycle Company Ladies Number 26655 Deluxe Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Rose Pink
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Key features

It has a classic and stylish frame, the frames are made out of steel, this is really great because whenever I ride the bike it doesn’t wobble and this makes a whole lot easier to handle.

The bike is exactly 26 inches in size and it is available in only one size, which is medium and thanks to huffy cruisers fit geometry, this awesome beach cruiser should be suitable for all riders, even for those weighing up to 250lb.

Another feature I love on my beach cruiser bike is the “Tires”, the tires are not as the same as that of Mountain bikes or the regular bikes, the huffy beach cruiser features extra wide tires (balloon tires) and the cool thing is that with my experience, they are thicker and less likely to go flat. In addition, these tires give you a more stable and comfortable ride as you cruise along the soft sands of the beach or your neighborhood sidewalk.

Amazingly soft embroidered spring seat; this awesome comfort package has made my cruising habit a lot more fun and comfortable as I do not have to worry about hurting my bum.

It has a single Gear; this is actually good since this cruiser bike is meant for riding in a relaxed manner.

It also comes with an attached rear rack, comes in really handy when I need to get some stuff at the grocery store.

It also features a 40mm lightweight painted alloy rims, the most amazing thing about the rims is that they are resistant to corrosion. So it a combination of beauty and quality.

Unique swept-back handlebars, I just can’t say enough of how comfortable it feels when I’m riding in a totally relaxed manner without the feeling any form of pressure on my back. Thanks to huffy bike cruisers retro-styled handlebars. In addition, the handlebar also has a convenient beverage holder, this comes in really handy especially if you need to quench your thirst.

Another great feature I like is the classic looking Fenders, now I do not have to worry about being all wet and dirty as I cruise around the beach.

Features easy to use Coastal brakes and this makes stopping a whole lot easier once it is engaged.

Also has dual density grips and pedals for added comfort while cruising.

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Price: the Women’s Deluxe cruiser bike starts at $150, but in some cases, a price may vary but it wouldn’t be more than $170.

Well, I guess those are the key features of the 26″ Women’s deluxe cruiser bike and with all these amazing features, owning a huffy cruiser bike is totally awesome. Let’s go over to the Pros and Cons.


The huffy cruiser bike is really affordable considering the outstanding features it has.

It also durable and very easy to maintain.

It’s great for mild effective workouts, has helped me shed some extra pounds.

Great looking style.

The 26″ Deluxe Women’s cruiser bike comes with a warranty and that also adds to its awesomeness.


It’s hard to assemble

Final verdict

Well, with all that has been said, huffy cruiser bikes are great, and when it’s down to getting a cruiser bike, 26″ Women’s Deluxe cruiser bike is going to be the best bang for your buck. Since this cruiser bike comes at a really affordable price, I would recommend that you get yours so you can experience what elegance and comfort entail in bike riding.

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