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Women’s Cruiser Bikes: If you are fed up with the overly promotional articles that try to promote themselves without any definite criteria, then you are like me. I am an avid biker, but every time I choose to delve into the market in search for a good bike for myself or for my loved ones, I often get lured into the trap of choosing one that looks good and promotes itself well. It is only after I have tried it a few times around tight corners and long roads that I realize my regrettable mistake.

Although I am not a professional cyclist, I have had enough experience with them to formulate my own opinions. This is because there is absolutely no reason why you should trust an overly promotional product.

To me bikes are kind of like a primary mode of commute. Beach Cruiser Bikes are to many, the best bikes for commute purposes. Their construction styles make them the most stable and easy to ride. They are an excellent choice for casual riders.

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Yes, I do own a car, but the joy of driving a car is nothing compared to that of riding a bike. It is not only a cheap form of commute but also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Physically the benefits are obvious, but mentally it keeps my mind leveled and in peace. Plus once you get used to riding a comfortable bike that you love, you will look forward each day to ride it again and again.

From what I have read and seen in the market, and after reading countless customer reviews, I have boiled it all down to 4 best cruiser bikes for women.

The following are the best shortlisted cruiser bike for women to choose for comfortable smooth and upright biking experience.

  1. Firmstrong urban lady beach cruiser


The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser is one of the best cruiser bikes for women. This bikes comes in three speed options including single, 3 and 7. Like I have stated earlier, if you have a flat neighborhood, single speed option is just great. Single speed is low maintenance and quite easy to manage. It is also the least expensive option. However, if your neighborhood has climbs and hills, then consider the 3 speed or 7 speed. By far the smoothest ride that you can experience is from a 7 speed models. To be specific it is 15.5 inch and therefore should be comfortable for Women of 5 to 6 ft.

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This cruiser bike has an oversize seat. This is especially great if you regularly like to adjust your seating position by a small margin. The handles and grip is just perfect for an upright posture that is the key of all beach cruisers. Firmstrong Urban Lady beach cruiser is the zenith of cruiser bikes for women. It combines the most sought after elements of comfort, affordability and style. Rarely will find beach cruisers out there that can come close to the value this one offers.

So, if you are looking for a comfortable bike that would turn heads as you ride along the beach or through the beautiful vistas of the country side then this bike will suite you. The quality of this bike ensures that it can withstand long distances. They are generally bought for comfortable commute purposes to and fro common places like grocery stores, college or work.

Boasting a curvy cute frame, the Frimstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser is a bike to behold. With sturdy and appealing steel frame with steel and aluminium wheels and balloon tires, this bike has everything that you can wish for in a cruiser bike.

Features and Specifications:

  • Color options: Yes
  • Wheel Size: 26 inch and 24 inch
  • Speed Options: Single, 3 speed and 7 speed
  • Limited lifetime warranty (Frame is lifetime)
  • Frame size: 16 inch
  • Gear System: Shimano
  • Brakes: Coaster (single and 3 speed only), Hand Brakes (7 speed)

This bike comes in vast variety of models and colors. Of course, color is one the biggest requirement for good aesthetics and personal customization. Thus, you will be delighted with the options on this cruiser bike.

Firmstrong is a very established named in the beach cruiser bike market. Their customer service is matched only by the excellent products they sell. Well, it is hard to think of any drawback. Yes, the bike does arrive in a box and you have to assemble it yourself. But even that is hassle free. This is phenomenal bike.

This product is so great, that it is hard to find any defect. In very rare instances, you can end up with a defective piece, but that is the reality for almost any product out there.

  1. Sixthreezero women’s beach cruiser

sixthreezero-womens-beach-cruiserSixThreeZero Women’s Beach Cruiser bike is flawless. Its jaw dropping design with cute and stylish seat and components will most certainly win the hearts of many. With a touch of retro design, this bike is an eye candy.

The bike has several colors and 3 speed options: single, 3 and 7. So you can not only personalize your bike, but also choose one that suits best to your neighborhood i.e. if it is hilly, go for multiple gears, if not, then, single should suffice.

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One of the most sought after cruise bikes for women, this SixThreeZero is all about combining the retro look with today’s fashion to form a stylish classical bike. It not only looks cute, but also has the comfort to surpass your expectations.

This perfect bike is available in various models and configurations that should satisfy the taste of many. Other than the curves of the bars, the most noticeable aspect of the design is the stitched saddle and grips. However, we all know that cruiser bikes are not just about looks; their prime functionality is their ride comfort. The way they are designed, your posture will always be upright without putting pressure on your back. Therefore, a cruiser bike is something that you can take for a joy ride, for workout, for grocery, to school and also to work.

This SixThreeZero is just the right cruiser bike for women without any doubt.

One of the biggest highlight of the design of this bike is its vintage look. With its classy saddle and grips with rear and front fenders and the curves, what is there not to love?

The quality of the built is yet another splendid accomplishment of this beach cruiser. It is one of the well-built. This bike speaks of quality from every corner. It is easy to assemble, fun to ride and a beauty to behold. The quality of product is only matched by the customer service.

SixThreeZero has one of the best customer services in the bike market. There is a story about a customer who had her bike damaged by the Hurricane Sandy and upon request, SixThreeZero replaced the damaged bike with a new one. This should speak volume about the quality of not only this bike, but about the brand in general.

Features and Specifications:

  • Wheel Size 26-inch
  • Speed options: Single/3-speed/7-speed; Shinamo Gear System
  • Frame Size: 17-Inch classic women’s cruiser steel frame with fenders
  • Color Options: Yes
  • Nexus shifter
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Frame is Lifetime
  • Coaster brakes for single and 3 speed; Hand brakes for 7 speed

The coaster brakes are only available for single and 3 speed models while the seven speed model has handbrakes. A 7 speed bike is definitely the right one to go for if you prefer speed and smoothest ride on hilly neighbors.

The only downside is that it is a bit expensive. In fact it the most expensive in this list of four best cruiser bikes for women in this write-up. To tell you the truth, for a customer service and a product like this, I would not mind paying a bit premium. At least I will be at peace of mind with my purchase.

However, for the quality, form factor, style and customer service of this bike; I would say little premium is completely fair.

  1. Huffy Bicycle Cruiser Deluxe

huffy-bicycle-cruiser-deluxeComfort and value for money are two terms that can exactly describe this cruiser bike. This is the most affordable beach cruiser in this entire list of best cruiser bikes.

If you do not care much for extraordinary design that asks for high premium or a service that comes at a high cost, then for you this is the right cruiser bike for women for you. This is a single speed bike without any speed options available. It is comfortable, cute and stylish with a great attention to detail. Even the seat is embroidered.

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It is great for logistics purposes and shopping as it has the rear carrier as well as a basket in the front. This is a perfect bike if you prefer functionality with value for money.

As such, this Huffy Bicycle Cruiser Deluxe for women is one of the most affordable single speed beach cruiser bikes that also offer cute accessories such as leather handlebar bag, bottle holder, rear carrier and bottle opener.

There are varieties of features which make this bike a joy to ride. Firstly, it has a cute retro look. The colors are simply refreshing to look at and the basket plus the rear carrier really seems to go well in terms of style.

The front basket and beverage carrier can only ensure that you can take this bike for a long journey, but also make sure that you can take this as your personal commuter to your local grocery store. Not just that, you can carry your daily essential in that carrier. If you are a student who has to carry around cumbersome books in her backpack, the front basket should bring you a sigh of relief.

The design of this cruiser bike has been conceptualized for someone who travels frequently on short journeys. Furthermore, if this is your first time purchasing a cruiser bike, then the affordable price tag should encourage you. There is no need to experiment by purchasing expensive cruise bike.

So not only is Huffy Bicycle Cruiser Deluxe cute and inexpensive, it is also comfortable to ride. Not only that, it is also quite easy to assemble as the bike does not come assembled; however, you are provided with all the necessary tools to easily assemble it.

Features and Specifications:

  • Wheel Size: 26 inch
  • Accessories: Basket, Rear Rack, Beverage Holder
  • Speed: Single Speed
  • Brakes: Coaster
  • Steel cruiser frame
  • Dual-density grips
  • Padded spring bike saddle

The design and the quality of this beach cruiser is second to none. If you are looking for a simple single speed cruiser bike that is comfortable, cute looking and is loaded with accessories for convenience, then you will not be disappointed by this bicycle.

  1. Nirve island flower women’s/girls 24” single speed cruiser bike

nirve-island-flower-cruiser-bikeThe Nirve Island Women’s/girls 24” Single Speed Cruiser Bike is a wonderful example of the beauty and quality of these bikes. This Nirve Island Cruiser has all the right features to make this bike both functional and feminine.

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These features include:

  • 15 inch Galaxie frame
  • 24 inch whitewall tires with stainless steel spokes
  • Flame Embossed double spring saddle
  • Coaster Brakes
  • 5 Year warranty on frame
  • Embossed flowers on seat and handlebars and painted flowers on the frame

With first impression, the Nirve Island Flower Women’s/Girls 24” Single Speed Cruiser Bike is a beautiful and well-made. The teal coral color is attractive, and the bike appears to be perfect for those women who are shorter.

The bike scores very favorably with customers.

In addition, this beach cruiser bike for women was:

  • beautiful
  • high quality
  • A pleasure to ride

While some people may like bikes with all those different gears and the ability to climb large hills, for those women who enjoy a quiet ride in the country or on city streets, a quality beach cruiser is ideal.

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