Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

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Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bikes: The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is suitable to be used on the beach and in the city. It was designed for conveyance, and it has enough options to make you wonder which you should choose. Don’t worry; we have prepared the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle review to make your life easier. Ladies cruiser bikes are our specialty.

The Standard Features of Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bikes

The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is an affordable and comfortable option for a girls cruiser bikes. You will find the bike’s construction firm and strong, but light enough to make your trip easy. Its stylish design makes it a huffy beach cruiser, and the seat is one of the most comfortable for beach cruiser bikes.

You will still be capable of walking, even after a long ride, without the annoying discomfort of some other girls cruiser bikes out there. The secret is its cushioned bigger seat than standard, plus a double set of springs, which guarantee a smooth ride.

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Let’s talk about the Cruiser Bike Speeds

Different speed options for beach cruiser bikes are not common. However, once you start using your new bike, you will find them useful. The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle has three options available:

  • The Urban Lady Single Speed
  • The Urban Lady 3 Speed
  • The Urban Lady 7 Speed


We recommend you to get the Urban Lady 3 Speed for your first women’s beach cruiser. Only if you are an experimented biker go for the Urban Lady 7 Speed, but even then you can stick 3 speeds. The single speed option is not suitable for sand and hills, and you might regret having it at some point.


The accessory you thought you didn’t need on your Cruiser Bicycle: The Cup Holder

A cup holder for the girls cruiser bikes is the kind of accessory you wouldn’t look for until you have it. If you get out for a cup of coffee or soda on a hot day, you’ll have to wait or just dismiss your beverage because your bike had no cup holder. Get it, and you’ll love it.

Unless you tell me that you don’t drink coffee and have never wanted to take your soda on a hot day, then you probably will not need it. Otherwise, it is a must for a women’s beach cruiser, like the cup holder in your car. And the best part is that you can match the cup holder’s color to your beach cruiser bikes’ color.

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Do you need a Beam Light on your Firmstrong Cruiser Bike?

For a night ride, a beam light for ladies cruiser bikes is very useful. The Firmstrong option is a small and discrete accessory you will not notice. It is conveniently located on the handle to let you control it easily. Don’t forget to charge the batteries before you start your ride. If you are planning to get long rides, then you’d better look for a more professional light.


So, you want a Bell for your Beach Cruiser Bikes

Bells on ladies cruiser bikes look cute. They will make you feel you are in a romantic movie from 1920. Nevertheless, they are useful accessories, especially when you are riding in the city. A bell is your warning sign for pedestrians when they suddenly decide to walk right in front of you. If they are talking or texting on the phone or just distracted, it is common that they disregard looking for bikes on the way.

It is also useful when you are driving behind a car, and they haven’t noticed your presence. You should warn about your ladies cruiser bikes going their way to avoid any potential crash. So, get it and use it.

If you do think they are cute, you will find it adorable when you find there is a matching color for your bike. That is one of the nicest details for girls cruiser bikes.


The Basket to hold everything you carry on your Cruiser Bike

Baskets are useful to place your shopping bags or even your purse. Get a basket liner to make it look even better. There are lots of designs available, and you can change it to give your ladies cruiser bikes a distinctive fresh and new look.

Groceries fit inside as a backpack with a laptop. There are endless possibilities for the functionality of a front basket bike. Don’t forget to add it from the very start, or you’ll have to wait for separate shipping.


Do you have kids?

If the answer is yes, before they get their own bike, you will need a Child Seat. The Deluxe Child Carrier 26 can easily be attached to your women’s beach cruiser. That means you can detach the device fast and easy to release some weight when you don’t need it and return to your original huffy beach cruiser.

You can get kids from 1 year up to 4 or 5. The child seat is a must to take your kids before they get their first cruiser bike.


6 different colors for firmstrong beach cruiser bicycles

Firmstrong specializes in ladies cruiser bikes. They created a seamless design with a wide variety of options available. You can choose from 6 different colors. The available options are:

  • Mint Green
  • Vanilla
  • Baby Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red

All of them are shining colors that can suit any style. There are more options for fenders, but they look better matching the huffy beach cruiser color. For women’s beach cruiser my favorite colors are Mint Green, Baby Blue, and Pink. But whatever color you choose will be as beautiful. You can also customize your RMS frame color. The options are:

  • Mint Green
  • Black
  • Baby Blue
  • Silver

Select a matching Mint Green if that is your choice of women’s beach cruiser color. You can also choose your seat and grips to be black, white or brown, but they look better in black. White can be stylish, but you will need to clean it constantly. Other accessories come in matching colors, so don’t forget to check your final choice to get everything set perfectly.

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