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Cruiser bikes are often referred to as beach cruiser bikes are specially designed for use on beaches and their surrounding environments. They are made for sidewalks, paved country roads and beaches, the non racing class. Thus their use is recreational, fun and elegance and is recommended for moderate speed. Cruiser bikes can be categorized either as motorbikes or bicycles. The majority of cruisers are the cruiser bicycles or beach cruisers as they can be used in a variety of environments.

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Innovative features of cruiser bikes:

Extra wide tires
Beach cruisers have balloon-like or extra wide tires. Since these tires are thicker compare to the tires of other bikes, they are less likely to get flat when in use. When riding, the tires makes it more stable and are ideal for crossing boardwalks and sidewalks without any problem. The tires are excellent for beach riding since the tires facilitate riding without you actually sinking. Your only worry when riding on a beach is to be sure that the sand on the beach is firm and can withstand the tires. The law of Physics governed these bikes and they are also called still bikes.
Upright handle bar

A beach cruiser is really more entertaining to ride on as the pedal and handlebar are placed little further in front than an ordinary type bike which determines how classic the cruiser are and hence putting no pressure on your back as well as even encouraging you to ride all day chilling, more relaxed.

Coaster brake
The Coaster brakes of the 20th Century is what is normally placed in common beach cruisers. To make the brakes functional, you have to pull the pedals back instead of using your hands to pull on the brakes. There is no need to panic if you have never been opportune to use this type of brakes because they are very simple and easy to use. For those who are familiar with these types of brakes, they know that is easy to do most amazing brake slides. The cruiser bikes coaster brakes are basically too old to be of any use but still look good. Since the 1890s these brakes have been there, and for most bikes with related applications, they are still popularly used. Even when the pedals are not turning, the coaster brakes permit the beach cruiser to coast forward, thereby giving the beach cruiser a special feature from other bikes. Although these brakes still remain the most popular brakes there are still some disadvantages associated with the coaster brake.
Saddles; Beach cruisers generally have small but really smooth and perfect saddles very comfortable and relaxed even on a rough road.
Types of beach cruisers
Single speed cruiser
The single speed cruiser is recommended for short and smooth rides due to its coaster beach brake system that stops upon paddling backwards. The system does not require cables unlike in handbrakes and are thus easy to maintain compared to multi-speed cruiser bikes. Due to the lesser number of components that characterize single speed cruisers, they inn turn have lesser weight when compared to multi-speed cruiser bikes.

Multi-speed cruiser
This cruiser has multiple gears both the 3 speed and 7 speed versions for adjusting speed while riding. The multi- hand brakes provides an easy and efficient system to halt. Speed cruiser bikes can be used on hilly terrains on lower gears and on flat surfaces at higher gears. The handle brakes provide an easy and efficient system to halt.

Cruiser bikes based on type of production material
The materials used to make frames also distinguish cruiser bikes which are often steel, and aluminum. While the steel frames are durable and cheaper, the aluminum ones are more durable and are sold at higher prices.

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Advantages of cruiser bikes
The numerous advantages that cruiser bikes possess explain why it is considered first choice by most bikers.
Some cruiser bikes are made of heavy metals (steel) and are thus heavy weighted. This gives them adequate stability. Others are made of light weight aluminum. These materials last longer without deteriorating.
Easy customization
Cruiser bikes can be designed per personal taste since it can be assembled by the buyer at the time of purchase. It therefore offers its customers the choice based on their personal preference and taste of selecting their accessories which are usually of different styles, colors, sizes and height.
Comfortable rides
Cruiser bikes are designed to offer an enjoyable ride which is relaxed and comfortable which is what many riders prefer. Based on the consideration the seat and handle brake positions determine comfortability. Cruiser bikes are designed with adjustable seats and handle brakes. Controlling the bike is easy as it presents an upright seating position and broad tires.
Stylish look
Cruiser bikes are stylish with sexy and curved frames crowned with their very attractive decorations. The decorations could be transformed to your taste by an artist. Accessories can also be used to make your cruiser bike more attractive.
Due to the fact that cruiser bikes are beginner-friendly, it makes them advantageous over other bikes. Since cruiser bikes have low center of gravity and their seat being low, most beginners have easy and less time riding it.
Slower Acceleration
Cruiser bikes accelerate slowly due to the fact that they are heavier and larger compared to some other bikes. However, this does not imply that all cruiser bikes are slow. All the same, in a normal situation, cruiser bikes will accelerate a bit slower than other bikes like the street bikes.

Disability to carry load: When it comes to the disadvantages of cruiser bikes, this is the key aspect that someone searching to buy a cruiser bike to use in commuting should take note. It seems like modern cruiser bikes are made as bike for fashion and with less or no plan of a carrying load in mind. Although Electra does create rear racks for the cruiser bikes they produce, it is not the standard design which favors the appearance of the simple rear tire which show off the curves bikes.
However, if you are someone that is looking for a stylish and comfortable ride, then you should consider getting a cruiser bike but for those looking for a bike to carry your belonging, go shopping or run errands, then a cruiser bike is not the one you are looking for.

Choosing the best beach cruiser bikes
Most Cruiser bike companies produce bikes of different designs. There are different designs meant for men and different for women. Practically, aesthetics is what makes the difference between the male and the female styles. The curvatures of female cruiser bicycle turn to be different in the upper frame and are manufactured from slimmer tubing. However, the choice of cruiser that you want highly depends on you. That is, it does not matter if a bike was built for female use, if you are a male and like the look of the bike, then you can go and purchase the bike. With less than $300 you can buy an absolutely amazingly sophisticated and practical bike that you can use very well for a good number of years. A free warranty for the entire lifetime of the bike is usually offered by most of the manufacturers of beach cruiser like Huffy. Countless number of people are interested in purchasing the best beach cruiser bikes that they want; your choice should be guided by the following:

Bike size
Choose a bike based on the height of its frame. The seat and handlebars positions are adjustable. Their sizes vary in accordance with their wheel diameters. The diameters ranges are 16, 20, and 24 for teenagers and 26 for adults.

You may choose a bike based on its production material. Steel, aluminum or metal alloy. These materials also differ in their weight. The prices of cruisers vary depending on the quality of the material; metal alloy, aluminum and steel in decreasing order of cost.

Place of purchase
While you can buy your cruiser bike both locally and online, make sure to confirm the bike saddle specifications. The seat caution should be wide enough with amply spring action. However, buying locally presents the advantage of testing the bike.

Gear system
The different gear system presents a variety for customers to choose, the single speed cruiser and multi-speed cruiser. The single speed gear can be used on flat surfaces uniquely while the multi-speed cruiser bike can be used on various terrains.
When comparing the hand and the coaster brakes, the best thing about the hand brake is the high rate in which it dissipate the heat when braking, allowing for a quick stop, making cycling safer since the tires is less disposed to overheating. Using the coaster brakes when descending entails that you change the grease and innards of the coaster brake. Failing to do this reduces the safety factor of the beach cruiser and by so doing risking your own live.

Finance is one of the most important determinant factors as to the type of bike. Irrespective of your choice and taste, you will possess only what you can afford. You could get a stylist, practical and fabulous beach cruiser bike at just US $300 and more likely less which may serve you over years. Usually some manufactures provide a year round warranty for the cruiser frame. They are normally less expensive than the ordinary bicycles but some beach cruisers get to become costly with increasing features such as the water bottle sockets, a box at the side of the saddle and many more features. The single speed cruisers are cheaper than the multi-speed cruiser as well as their maintenance cost.

Now, if you are thinking of buying a beach cruiser, your choice of the type of cruiser design will be personal to you but it will be good that before making that choice you should have some information and opinion on cruiser bike reviews. Here are some information and opinion from experience users of best cruiser bikes that might help you make the right choice of cruiser bike, should in case you need one:

Best Cruiser Bikes
There are generally many good cruiser bikes around the world, but some of them are considered to be extra best. Looking at cruiser just like any other good, you cannot expect every single one of them to have all the same features.
The best cruiser bikes will be grouped here in pairs of fives for both men and women.
Best Beach Cruiser Bikes Reviews for Men
1. Firmstrong Urban man single speed; a great art of work on the display of its frames. The frame is made up of high quality steel and usually the 26 inches tires are made of aluminum. Beach cruise is said to be the first perspective to the high class beach bikers. You can’t just go wrong with firmstrong beach cruiser. Firmstrong beach cruiser is really eye catching in the room of choices. You can’t just really resist it. This makes it one of the highest selling beach cruisers nowadays at just as low as US $200.

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2. SixThreeZeroIn The Barrel 3-Speed: With cruisers being designed to catch the eyes and hearts of their users, and also be a joy to ride, then it’s truly worth referring to SixThreeZero In The Barrel 3-Speed. It is that sort of cruiser to call perfect. Also, it is not just an eye catcher and a heart broker; it is truly comfortable to ride on. With its internal 3 speed shimano gear hub and its push forward pedals, it is very efficient to ride on. This means you can ride over longer distances and yet still feel the comfort, no Stress. It is a really feasible beach cruiser for those with over heights and it is made up of a fabulous 18 inches frame. This type of beach bikers some is good but it isn’t that cheap as other cruisers. Cruiser lovers might be talking to themselves- ohh! What the hell I am this down, maybe borrow money in order to purchase it.

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3. Firmstrong Urban Man Alloy Single speed; this is really a work of great art just by looking at the curves of the frame. Yes it is really awesome and stunning, you can see it. This cruiser bike is made of aluminum frames and hence lighter in weight. It is just the same cruiser bike like Firmstrong Urban man single speed with the only difference being the weight, that is it is 3 pounds lighter than Firmstrong Urban man single speed. This makes it easier to paddle. Their rides are exactly the same. Do you have extra money to add to the price of Firmstrong Urban man single speed? Guess what US $22? For those who like to show a little beat how wealthy you are the Firmstrong Urban Man AlloySingle speed is the right choice for them.

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4. Schwinn Sanctuary; this cruiser is very good. What a frame it has? A 1955 original frame design? It has a really classic design, yes of course it is really classic than the other cruisers above, but what a design. The handlebars can be raised turned to the rack at the back and the little rubber sized pedals and mud guards are standard. If you have ever thought of going a little further or if you are that student who is fun of the sleeping stuff, getting up late… want to bath before hurrying up to school?, then really the Schwinn sanctuary is the perfect choice for you. Thinking of your prestigious and reputable background?, want to show how wealthy you are? Or need some respect on the way from friends and maybe passerby? Then this is the right choice for you. You won’t regret handing out the details of your credit card; it could be just a pity to you for the seller.

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5. Huffy Panama Jack; the panama Jack is not different from the other cruiser bikes as it is also just a bike; you paddle it to go forward. This cruiser bike is usually manufactured with its own removable cooler on the handlebars and a bottle opener on the front fork. The saddles are thick and padded with double spring setup making it really classic. The handlebars are cork made and soft. Soft handlebars? Maybe that old school stuffs, this reminds me of my old days and brings me the epitome of coolness. Not the end, what about the 26 inches white wall tires?, that’s cool. It just a bike like others and just get to be sold at low cost like most.

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Best Beach Cruiser Bikes for Women
1. Firmstrong Urban Lady; this cruiser bike is same as the men’s version. The only difference is in the size of their frames. The Lady type has smaller frames and essentially different curve top tube than the men’s category. Because it is a cruiser designed for women, it is made to have a little bit lesser weight than the men’s category. Who doesn’t know that when it comes to colors, women are put first? Of course Firmstrong Urban Lady is made with a variety of colors for eye catching purposes. Think of height when it comes to women, some tall, some short and some average. So why not; the Firmstrong is made with either a 24 or 26 inches wheel base on height discrepancies. The saddle of this cruiser is comfy, wide and double sprung. The frame is also made with a life time warranty just as did the men’s version which something really cool. This cruiser essentially has very strong and durable tires hence making the period you get between flats to be even longer than what so ever you expect of. This cruiser is not just a single speed geared type. It is either a 1, 3 or 7 speed gear cruiser that can make your business even simpler by taking you over long distances. Yes, it is simple but you will have to raise a bit your pockets up to get it because it is not sold at less than US $200.

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2. Huffy Catalina Women’s Cruiser; this is a very practical and great bike. It comes with a rack on the back and a detachable basket at its front. It can also be used as a handy bag to be walked with anywhere after which it is detached and the cruiser also has a holder. It feels too comfortable on this bike with the alloyed wheels, tires as well as the seat giving you a perfect ride. It is made of steel frames and a handy kick stand which maintains it on a rest position. If you have ever dreamed of feeling good riding on a beach cruiser, what it is meant to say is getting a Huffy Catalina cruiser, it is super cool and cost just about a mere US $200 which is a bit bargainable.

3. Critical Circles Women’s Beach Cruiser; a single speed cruiser with frames which are hand built with comfy seats and handlebars making it super cool. If you have ever thought of just riding to and from school or just strolling around a beach, then think of a critical circular women beach cruiser. It does not have the baskets and the fancy stuffs but it is super cool. Besides, it is one of the cheapest cruisers named above and in short the second cheapest cruiser as of this list.

4. Electra Moto 1; what a bike. It is just not good comparing this to the others cruiser bikes. Yes I mean it, it is a bit different with a 29 inches wheel. When looking for a beach cruiser with a different from all the other cruisers, maybe with some ordinary stuffs, then this maybe your choice to splash the cash on. What I am thinking is just that 29 inches wheel which could give you some more momentum to get going and at same time some more distance and speed up up up….and it’s got the sets of disc brakes to support speed and the frame functionally good. This cruiser is designed not just for running down the board walks but rather for all walks. What next…the handlebars… yeah of course they are ordinary but they are really thundering; heart breaking; eye catching. Some riders may get lost when they see you riding on it as they may want to double up their speed to meet up but just to trap themselves distracted in seeing and thinking of the black balloon tires, the sport like saddles and its upright paddle position. Love showing wealth? Want something really cool and perfect? Think of that US $500 dollars just for a bike, called it cheap? Absolutely you are getting it wrong.

5. Schwinn Cruiser S1; like the other Schwinn cruiser bikes, Schwinn S1 is really quality too. It has a very low top tube making the rider get on or off the cruiser easier and this makes it that much impressive. With Schwinn cruisers colors is a thing to think of. With lots of high quality colors, the frame seems even more quality than could be thought of. There is no gear but rather is cool as there is a new style of class; pure one speed backward pedaling braking system, the whitewall tires are durable. Thinking of just experiencing the atmosphere around riding a cruiser bike? Then the Schwinn Cruiser S1 is the best for you.

Other Cruiser bikes Review
Micargi Touch Beach cruiser Bike Firmstrong Style
In these days, it is one of the most popular beach cruiser that is available at the market. Riding this bike in our daily life is very easy. The durable steel frame in these bikes is supported with help of the 26 inches sturdy wheels. The bike has a maximum weight capacity that go up to 220 pounds. The overall safety of the cruiser bike is effectively improved by the coaster brake which is one of the features of the bike. Today, being a user of this bikes help you to enjoy all the features that comes with it.

Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Speed Cruiser Bike
It is another good beach cruiser with many useful structures and benefits that all customers can enjoy. In order for your daily supporting needs, you can afford this bike to help you. This beach cruiser contain 7 speed rear derailleur attached using SRAM twist shifter. During riding this cruiser bike, this particular feature is responsible for your comfort. The bike is also supported by a lightweight and durable alloy rims. This permit the usage of this bike without having any problem in the future. You can enjoy a good experience from the padded saddle which is also part of the feature of this bike.

Kulana Men’s Cruiser Bike
Nearly everybody is happy with this cruiser bike’s quality. Using this bike for our daily issue is very easy. This standard beach cruiser comes with resilient steel frame and fork, which is meant to deliver the best experience needed by all the customers. Its comfortable handlebars ease management of the movement of the bike. Also, full wrap steel fenders are features that provide comfort when using the cruiser bike. The designs are beautiful and attractive which act as a driving factor that helps in drawing many customers nowadays.

Northwoods Pomona Men’s Cruiser Bike
All the customers of this cruiser bike enjoy numerous useful benefit from it. You experience as a rider of this bike should be very enjoyable. High quality aluminum frame support the 26 inches aluminum wheels that comes with this types of bike. Also, the twist shifters equip the ergonomic steel handlebars that come with the bike. These two features are in charge of the comfortability of the bicycle when riding.

Six Three Zero Women’s Beach cruiser Bicycle
There are many great benefits that can gotten from a bike like this. Learning how to ride the bike is very easy and simple. It is a women’s classic bike that comes with 17 inches wheels that can last for long time use. They have KT coaster brake that is very resilient for a good number of years. In your daily life, the brake can be used for protection of unwanted situation such as accidents. Most of the customers have a great riding experience because the brakes come with comfortable saddle.

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Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike
It is a cruiser bikes from Kent company which is one of the most popular bikes in the world today. The special cruiser bike frame that support these bikes are very durable for a reasonable number of years. The safety feature of this bike is effectively managed by the front and rear handbrakes that comes with it. There are also 7 different speed settings available for all the users. With this speed setting, you can be able to select the right speed of your choice.

Critical Cycles Beach cruiser Bike
There are many features that comes with this product. So, when riding it is good that you enjoy all these features. Find in this bike is a 26 inches wide tire that will help you feel comfortable when riding. The beach cruiser is supported by a heavy duty steel frame which enable you to use the bike for a longer period of time. Other useful features added includes; shock absorption, system kickstand, coaster brake and other useful accessories.

Huffy Bicycle Ladies 26655 Cruiser Bike
The available useful overall quality of this Huffy cruiser bike makes is so impressive to it riders and the bike is very easy to use for the daily life. This high standard bike comes with a durable high quality cruiser frame that can be used for a long period of time. The comfortable dual density grip that it provides is very suitable for all riders. Therefore, riding this bike make you feel very comfortable. The convenient pedals that it also comes with ensure that you are comfortable and make the users have fun when riding.

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Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bike
This is a bike from Schwinn. It is a great type of beach cruiser that the overall quality and performance make the end user very happy. The high quality frame that is very reliable is what support the bicycle and allow the bike to be used for a long period of time. To ensure that the bike stop immediately when needed, a V brake have been attached to the bike. Therefore, with this V brake and other features, riding these bicycles is very safe and the chances of getting into an accident are very small.
Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach cruiser Bike
There are many useful reviews for this beach cruiser by the customers. Most people say they feel comfortable with the overall performance of the bike. The 24 inches women’s single speed beach cruiser is available in different colors and it provide an easy and a relaxed customer experience. When using this beach cruiser, the balloon tires is here to improve the overall comfort that you get. In addition to this, the beach cruiser comes with comfortable rubber grips and suitable handlebars in order to easily manage the movement of the beach cruiser.

Differences between Cruiser and Mountain Bicycles
There are some similarities between the cruiser bike and the mountain bikes but there is significant difference in most of their parts. Both of the bikes have the love wider tires and big frames but they are different in their comfort, cost, build up and performance. The mountain bikes and cruiser bikes both ride on pavement while cruiser bike avoid riding on dirt trails. Base on the riding you want to do, you can then make a decision and decide on whether you are buying a cruiser bike or a mountain bike.

Most people love cruisers bikes because they were constructed for sharing pathways, sidewalks and country roads among others riding the same cruisers, pedestrians and equestrians. Mountain bikes are more specialized for rough treatment, although they are also capable of riding in the same places as the cruiser bikes. Mountain bikes have special facilities like gear, special shocks and they are built sturdier. With these special facilities, it makes the mountain bikes to be more expensive than the cruiser bikes. For any pricing category we have some exceptions but a typical mountain bike cost ranges between $400 to $3,000 or even more while cruiser bikes can be bought for about $100, but some few exceed $500.

Sitting Position
The same as you sit in a chair is the same way that a cruiser bike rider will sit when riding. Sitting in this position is good for riders who like to ride slow, watch scenery and socialize with other cruisers while riding. But, for a rider who is traveling for a long distance at a long period of time, then this position is not efficient. However, riders of mountain bikes are leaned in a forward tilt which places the rider to torso over the pedals in order initiate more power, better handling and the capacity to climb hills that are steep. This posture that is aggressive permits the rider to stand up on the bike since stability is added to the bike by the weight-forward balance. It is difficult to stand up on a cruiser because it makes the bike to be poorly handle and can cause the rider to have an accident when trying to stand up vertically.
Cruiser bikes are outperformed by Mountain bikes. Modern cruisers bikes have only few gears while the many traditional cruisers bike have only one gear. There are about 8 to 10 gears found on the back and 3 found on the front of most mountain bikes. Also, some have shock absorbers on the front and rear which make them to be more stable on dirt and rocky surfaces than the cruiser bikes. However, the shock of the mountain bikes can be a disadvantage to the bikes when riding on pavement. Hand-operated brakes are found on most mountain bikes while in common cruiser bikes we have the brakes on the pedals, although they are other cruiser bikes with hand brakes that can cost extra.
Multi-geared bikes have more components than single speed bikes. The multi-geared bikes components like shifters, derailleurs, multiple cogs and chain rings are all moving components that are essential for the functioning of the bike. If one of these components is missing or breaks, then the entire bike will not function properly. Since single speed bike has one chain ring, one cog and lack derailleur then it is easy to work on it. Simplified coaster brakes are also found on some single speed bikes, thereby eliminating the use of a disc braking system or rear drum.
In their own way both of the bikes look gorgeous. There are elegant paint jobs that cruisers have. Some have creation that will complete the best paintings with flowers, elegant lettering, scroll work and vines. Some cruiser bikes are art work having graceful lines. Mountain bikes are looking hard. They are solid with large, looking knobby tires.

For most common cruiser bikes that have reduction in their components, the bike weight reduces while for mountain bikes with multiple gears, chain rings and brake systems, the weight of the bike increases. A lighter bike like the cruiser bike means that the overall weight of the rider will be less thus needs less power to get the bike moving forward. Cruiser bikes are also easy to carry compare to mountain bikes when you want to pack them.

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  • Kulana Men’s Cruiser Bike ReviewKulana Men’s Cruiser Bike Review Kulana Men's Cruiser Bikes: I have never been a biker, but my girlfriend convinced me to get a beach cruiser to ride with her on the beach. I hadn’t had a bike since was a kid, and it was one of the many beach cruiser bikes, but I couldn’t remember the brand. I went on looking for options, and some men's cruiser bikes were really expensive, ranging from 200 to 400 USD. That was much more than I could afford. Then I found a Kulana Men's Cruiser Bike for less than 100 USD. It cost me 79.99, to be fully accurate (plus taxes). It was an excellent deal, and for me, this is the best beach cruiser bikes I could have. It rides smooth, and now I can hang out with my girlfriend during the weekends when we spend some time together at a nearby beach. I took some time looking for bike […]

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