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How Schwinn Cruisers Came About

The Schwinn cruiser bikes fall as products under the Schwinn bicycle company whose founder Ignaz Schwinn (1860 – 1945) started up the company in 1895. He was a German born mechanic Engineer whose company based in Chicago stood up as the dominant manufacturer in the United States throughout a great part of the 20th century. The company is presently registered as a sub-brand of Pacific Cycle, which is owned by Dorel Industries (multinational conglomerate). Ignaz Schwinn while in Germany worked for a company that started the production of the known modern bicycle that was introduced in the 19th century. Around 1891 he immigrated to the USA where with the support of Adolph Frederick William Arnold successfully came up with Arnold, Schwinn and Company in Chicago. During this period, Chicago was seen as the center of bicycle industries in the USA as it could produce thousands of bikes everyday out of its 30 factories at that time and it concurred with the craze of bicycle in America. It was possible during this period for America to reach an annual production rate of over 1 million unit of bicycle.

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This high demand in bicycles was of short term in America as they were all over the place before vehicles turn to be common and there was a drastic drop in the demand of bicycles as the population in America had a change of taste in their medium of transportation. There was a fall of 25% for the sales of bicycles by 1905 and many companies involved in the production of bicycles went bankrupt with small companies closing or being bought by larger onces. With this fall in demand the number of factories or bike firms reduced to only 12 in Chicago. By this same period consequently, competition for supplies of new products to sellers who retailed became high. As a solution to this change in the market sales Ignaz Schwinn knew he had to expand his company so purchased smaller firms that delt with bicycle production in Chicago’s west side and was now operating on a higher production rate at cheaper prices. By 1917 he had created the Excelsoir-Henderson company when he purchased Excelsoir Motocycle Company in 1912 and Henderson Company in 1917.

New ideas that led to great drive during depression years

The American stock exchange market by the end of the 1920s crashed which destroyed alongside the motorcycle industry, including Excelsoir-Henderson down. The enterprise Arnold, Schwinn and Co. nearly got bankrupt. Renovation in the company started when Ignaz Schwinn’s son Frank W. “F. W.” Schwinn took over the operations of the company. He deviated all the efforts of the company towards bicycle production and developed very chip models that made the company to be acknowledged as an innovative company, as the products turned to sell even during the fall in business cycle. He came up with a kind of bicycle that aimed at imitating the motorcycle designed for the youths and he called it the Schwinn B-10E Motorbike. A year later the company modified the model and called it Aerocycle. In addition to that, F.W Schwinn had deal with the American Rubber Co. who made them balloon tires which were 2.125-inch wide. He also added streamlined finders, a headlamp made of chrome, with a final touch of a push-button that served as bell for the bicycle. The famous name attributed to this model of the bicycle was paperboy bike or Schwinn cruiser, obviously became a brand in the industry as several other bicycle companies turned to copy this model.

Cruiser bikes today

Thanks to the affordability, new style, cruiser’s comfort it has made it gain popularity as compared to mountain and racing bikes. The Schwinn Cruiser had been introduced into the market by Schwinn by the end of 1979. Getting inspired from the west coast of California to get the names of their products, the Good Vibration Beach Cruiser and the Monterey beach cruiser were build by Huffy and Murray respectively in the 1980’s. Schwinn had a new series of cruiser models around the mid-1990s that included the “Cruiser Deluxe” (which included white-wall balloon tires, Phantom-style tank with horn, a springer fork rear rack, chrome fenders, and two-tone blue or green frames). The 100th birthday of the company was celebrated in 1995 as Schwinn re-released the Black Phantom.
The concept that led to the manufacturing of the Beach cruiser was not to win races, speed through traffic, or race down mountains instead it was designed for comfort, to give another pace of living and providing elegance. At the sight of one of these bicycles anywhere around the world the person immediately reflects on California with its beaches, the view of the vivid blue sky and the breeze that blows on the face which is usually warm.

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Schwinn Cruiser bikes Warranties

After purchasing a Schwinn bike it is important to get it registered in their system. This is important because in a situation involving the theft or loss of the bike the company can provide the customer with the necessary information to recover the bike quickly.

Depending on the place you bought your Schwinn cruiser bike for example like in an independent bike shop, or if you purchased your Schwinn from a big box retailer the warranties will differ.

Independent bike shop – Schwinn limited warranty
Warranty of limited lifetime frame

In a situation of manufacturing defect of the frame, it is guaranteed for replacement (this kind of defect originates from the manufacturing company due to defect in the material used or the workmanship in efficiency). The requirements for the replacement of the defected part is respected as long as the original person who purchased the Schwinn bike still has it in his possession and the terms and conditions for the limited warranty by the Schwinn Company are followed. As this situation occurs, the customer has to report the defected to the dealer or shop from which he obtained the Schwinn bike. The supplier or dealer will replace the frame with a similar frame available which are compatible to that of the Schwinn bike with the defect. The dialer or the shop later contacts the Schwinn company on behave of the customer to initiate a warranty claim. The defect frame is then sent to the technicians for inspection and it is accompanied by the original receipt that contains the date of purchase.

Lifecycle of service

The lifecycle of service of the different types of Schwinn bicycles are always specified in the limited warranty. The length of time the bicycle can be of service or a component of the bicycle is different from the time of the warranty period and varies according to the Schwinn bicycle type, how careful is the user of the bicycle with the bike and the conditions (environment) of riding. The lifecycle service of a Schwinn bicycle can obviously be shortened by various activities that increases stress on the bicycle like downhill racing, using the bike under harsh weather conditions, carrying heavy loads with the bicycle, competitive riding or another use of the bicycle that will turn to fasten it to get bad. Failure that is not covered by the limited warranty can arise from using a Schwinn bicycle under one or a combination of any of the mentioned conditions above. For a customer or a Schwinn bike user to detect frame and component problems it is advised to check the bike periodically by an authorized dealer. This is a safety measure as a miss function of a component of the bicycle can lead to accidents while riding from which injuries can arise and the lifecycle of service of the bicycle reduced.

Component warranty

Parts found on the Schwinn Cruiser bike that are not produced by the Schwinn company (non-proprietary component), such a component has its own limited warranty. To make a warranty claim on such a part it is advisable to meet the dealer for more information on the defected part. As long as the person who purchased the bicycle still owns it, all parts with the exception of the Normal wear parts are guaranteed in a case of defect that arises due to material defect or a defect due to workmanship delivered to the customer. Normal wear parts on a Schwinn cruiser bike are the grip, cables, brake shoes, tires, saddle covering are covered by a thirty days limited warranty. So if a customer has a warranty claim for a Normal wear part it should be made within this thirty days and the customer can be assisted by the dealer from whom he purchased the bike.

Terms and condition

If there is any other warranty that is not stated above, such a warranty is said to be void. Warranties such as the costs of installation, or assembling and disassembling are not to be charged to the Schwinn Company. Among other warranties that cannot be claimed on the Schwinn Company we have paint damage, rust on non-Normal wear parts, inappropriate maintenance of bicycle, or using parts on the bicycle which are not compatible to the Schwinn cruiser bicycle purchased.

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Policy on replacement procedure and responsibility of Schwinn limited lifetime warranty- mass Retailer


If a damage occurs on a frame for composed of say steel, aluminum, is guaranteed if the damage occurred as a result of faulty material and due to workmanship on the condition the bicycle is still owned by the person who originally purchased the bicycle and the Terms and Conditions of the limited warranty by the Schwinn Company are met. A number of information are needed to help assist the Schwinn Company to effectively do the job of repairing the damaged frame. The information here are communicating the model number of the bicycle, the date the bicycle was purchased, the nature and extend of failure, the name of the retailer shop from which it was received at the following address; Pacific Cycle Inc. 4902 Hammersley Road, Madison, WI 53711. The customer is responsible for returning the damaged frame to the company. It should be noted that the fork is not considered by the company as making up part of the frame. When a Schwinn bicycle is purchased, a lifetime warranty is issued but does not implies that the product will last forever. Safety of rider been a concern to the company, it is advisable that frames of the bicycle should be checked on regular intervals as it can help detect any defect that has to occur to the frame which can led to accident and injury of the rider. The lifespan or cycle of a Schwinn cruiser bike or bicycle varies as a function of the conditions under which it is used and stress conditions it is subjected to.


When a bicycle is purchased from a mass retailer, parts other than the Normal wear parts are guaranteed against inappropriate material and workmanship on the condition that the bicycle is still on the possession of the person who initially purchased it and the damage should occur doing the warranty period.

Conditions of warranty

The conditions of warranty for mass retailers are; respect of the purpose the bicycle was designed and not using it for activities like stunting or jumping. The warranty is not effective in a situation where the bicycle is rented, sold or the damage occurred with more than two persons on it; the warranty is not issued in a situation where deliberate or accidental damage occurs on the bicycle; wear and tear of the bicycle is not warranted for, as well as a situation involving the improper maintenance and assemblage parts and usage of accessories which are not destined for or compatible to the bike purchased. Similarly, does damage inquired due to accident, neglect, mishandling or theft are not warranted for by the company; in the case of Schwinn cruiser bikes, any damage brought about by the modification of the bike like the addition of a combustion engine, altering or modifying the brakes and if a damage occurs during the process the damage has no warranty cover.

Parts common to all Schwinn Cruisers
Schwinn racks and carrier

Racks constitute a part of Schwinn cruiser bicycle whose model and design has evolved alongside the Schwinn bike and adds style and has a diversity of functions on the Schwinn bicycle. They add beauty to the bicycle and makes it look cool. There are presently different kinds of racks and carriers on the market among which we have the Schwinn 16 inch in width 3 bicycle hanging arms which procure ease to operate the bicycle and offer security as they are strong hitch racks, the Schwinn 4 bike Hitch, the Hitch rack bicycle and wheel sports for Schwinn 4-bicycle, the 4-bike trunk mount rack Schwinn portable carrier cycling sport and travelling, Schwinn rear middleweight corvette jaguar panther Rechromed, Vintage NOS Schwinn bicycle 9 hole rear carrier rack steel, new phantom panther Schwinn bicycle carrier rack, Vintage NOS Schwinn chrome front mouse-trap bike rack for Schwinn 26 inch NOS barn find part and the jaguar/panther Schwinn 4 reflector.

The rack and carrier was not just adopted at once on the Schwinn cruiser bicycle it was gradually modified to what we know of today. In the 1930s the Schwinn company first adopted the luggage carrier on their bicycle which have been modified to different types of racks and carriers known today.

Rear racks

The early models of Schwinn bicycle had a luggage carrier which was added to the rear. The Schwinn MotorBike is one of the early Schwinn bicycle model known to come with a rear rack and was characterized by bars on it. Looking at the picture of the 1933 MotorBike model of Schwinn, it is possible see a luggage carrier on the rear of the bicycle. In this model, the racks were composed of a metal frame with 3 bars. In 1935, Schwinn introduced the Cycle Plane on which a rear rack was found also called the luggage carrier. This was a welded steel that had a special design which was a rear rack with six holes. In 1936, the Schwinn introduced the AutoCycle which was a hit. Also described as a six holed rack but simply called a “Schwinn carrier” and later popularly known as “CARRIER SCHWINN, this new design was a heavy duty, chromium plated and streamlined with high power insightful button.”

In 1952 the Schwinn introduced a new brand called the Schwinn cruiser Phantom, this new bike had a rear rack with 4 holed rack. The look of the rear racks in this new brand was different from any previously designed rack as they had four little reflectors which made them look gorgeous. There was similarly a modification of the rear rack in 1965 and this new design was designated as “deluxe” and “standard”. The deluxe version is the rack type that have the reflectors on it, mean while the standard version has no reflectors. The difference in terms of price between these two products in 1965 was only 45 cents but today the difference between these two in terms of price is rated at $ 60. On the other hand, the model Schwinn released in 1967 yet taken to be a “deluxe” was not well appreciated certainly due to the fact that it had only two reflectors and people where more into the four reflector model.

Seats of Schwinn cruiser and their evolution

Vintage Schwinn seats

Schwinn seats are known to be around since around the 1895. Along the years the shape of the seat of Schwinn cruiser bicycles have changed from prewar seats to banana seats, Schwinn then adopted the seats with crashbars or sissybars, and then the classic sears, and finally the highly acclimated “S” seat which for long has fantasized its users.

Schwinn Paramount turning saddle

During the pre-war era, the seats of Schwinn bikes where called “saddles”. The Schwinn paramount turning saddle is composed of a mattress spring suspension which is covered with heavy leather. The shape of the seat is designed in such a way that the rider’s leg can easily move about freely and the side also makes riding comfortable.

Schwinn superior touring saddle

The design of this Schwinn seat is similar to that of the Paramount saddle for the exception that the leather here is an imitation. There are a number of Schwinn bicycle types that a deluxe seat can work on among which are whizzer, cycle trucks, Schwinn B models, also most of the models of the 20th century of deluxe Schwinn bicycles are compatible. A number of companies have the contract for the production of Schwinn bicycle seats, which are Mesinger, Troxel, and Brooks saddle. During the late 40s and early 50s, most deluxe seats for the 26 inch Schwinn cruiser bikes was manufactured by the Mesinger Company and named the Mesinger brand seat (saddle).

The Schwinn “S” seat- 1959

In the year 1959 the Schwinn Company came up with a new seat design that turned to captivate the mind of its customer and it is considered as an iconic and the company adopted it to serve as its image. This is the famous “S” seat also called the Schwinn Monogram Saddle. This seat came with a range of colors which were coppertone, blue, pink, red, lavender, black, and yellow. Since that the colors are so beautiful some people do collections of different colors while others use them as decorations. These seats lasted on the Schwinn bikes for about 30 years before they were modified.

Reflectors of the Schwinn bikes

Along the years there has also been release of many designs of the shape of the Schwinn bike reflector. The company has the habit of bringing back to the market old models that can be bought as though they were new once. Examples of various reflectors are the Schwinn monogram reflector, vintage NOS bicycle reflector, Gulco 325 Stimsonite gullota just to name a few.


Vintage Schwinn tanks

From the creation of Schwinn bikes up to date, there have been a good number of tanks, as the model of a bike changes so too does the shape of the tank to make the model unique. This is one of the most attractive item on a Schwinn bike as it turns to change the look of the bike.

Cantilever tank

The appearance of the first model of a cantilever tank was in the year 1938 and this was designed for the Schwinn Autocycle Deluxe and the cantilever tank type was lastly seen used in 1962 on the Schwinn Jaguar mark IV. The cantilever tank was one of the most appreciated part in the boy’s bike and the Schwinn catalog of 1938 turned to describe this model as “New streamlined design, containing horn and battery tray.” This model of tank succeeded to stay in fashion for over a few decades and they emerged again in the 1960s on the Schwinn Jaguar model, by the year 1962 upward the is no record of the company producing cantilever tanks not until 1995 when the Schwinn company turned to replicate the Black Phantom model for the occasion of the 100th birthday of the company.

Slimline Tanks

The use of the Schwinn slimline tanks followed after the cantilever tank went out of fashion in 1962. In the case of the slimline tanks, the several versions have been known to exist in terms of changes in the paint and decals, but the item common to all the slimline tanks is the frame. There are two categories of frames known which include one for the men and the other for the women.

How can a slimline Schwinn tank be identified?

The slimline tank was used on two Schwinn bike models in 1962 which were the American and the Fleet models. The American version of the Schwinn bike had a slimline tank whose top was chromed and the bottom color was solid and was made up of a horn and unique decals. In the case of the Fleet Schwinn bikes, the horn was absent and the bike was not chromed but instead painted at the top with a white color while the bottom part of the tank in this model was painted in the same color as the bike. The year that followed, the slimline tank was observed in 3 different types of Schwinn bikes which are the Jaquar Mark 5, American and Fleet. During this year, the decals in the American Schwinn bike was lost and both the American and the Jaquar Mark 5 had slimline tanks that was chromed at their tops and the color of their bottoms was solid.

Tires of Schwinn cruisers

Vintage Schwinn tires

Schwinn Company in the American society and in the world as a whole have a good record in the invention and improvement of tires in terms of its science to make it better over the years as they referred to this as the “tire art”.

Schwinn balloon tires

This balloon tires where used from 1933-1955 and can be described as wide, long-lasting containing inner tubes. This model came into America when Schwinn returned from Europe after a journey in search to ameliorate the quality of his product. From the model he came with in the year 1933, the characteristics of the model that have been used and are still being used up to today as basis in generating the tires of Schwinn bikes. This model too was used by other bicycle producing companies in America during this period.

Schwinn S-7 Tires

This brand of tire was used on Schwinn bikes from 1954-1970s. This type of tire came to be known when Schwinn created the Middleweight bicycle towards the end of the year 1954. The S-7 tires introduced a new feeling for bicycle riders who used the Schwinn bicycles. These tires were made in such a way that they could fit into the rather slim rims of middleweight Schwinn bicycle. They had a variable thickness from 1-3/4 inch to 2.125 inch wide for the heavyweight tires. The pressure of this tires ranged from 45-50 psi (pounds per square inch) so riding with this tires was smoother than that of the balloon tires which had lower pressures.

Schwinn Westwind

This model was introduced in 1956, and was awarded in 1957. This model of tires was to be adopted on all the middleweight bikes. This bike tire became a fantasy for kids who all wanted to own a Schwinn with a wetwind tire most especially the white wall version and during that period some parents could pay up to one dollar to upgrade the westwind tires to the their white wall versions.

Types of Schwinn cruisers

The Schwinn American

This model of bicycle was introduced by the Schwinn Company in 1995. This was a product that the Americans always exclaimed “100 percent American made” in the Schwinn catalogs. This version came up during this period probably to remind the world that Arnold, Schwinn & Co. was a company created in America and have the values of America. This model was released with both boys and girls models; the boys had the American Schwinn cruiser 26 inch Model F24. Every single part of the American middleweight is made in the United States and has a Bendix Multi-Speed hub together with Schwinn front caliper brake which is a coaster brake.

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Specification and model

The frame for this model is the cantilever for both boys and girls middleweight, the fork is forged and of narrow middleweight design. The rear in this model is of two kinds it could be Bendix Multi-Speed or could be coarser brake. The brakes in the American Schwinn model is the Schwinn front caliper on Bendix multi-speed models while the coaster brake models will take only the coaster brake. The tires are the Schwinn Tornado, 1.75 inch, it uses chromed Schwinn tubular S-7 Rims and the color of this model ranges from opal red, to blue or green and also black enamel.
The American Schwinn model has both boys and girls size description for example the F14 for boys and F64 for girls of the 26 inch American Multi-speed 58 58.

The Schwinn Cycle Truck

The first and well known Schwinn Cycle Truck was made in between 1939 – 1967. It will carry up to 150 lbs with much ease without risk of damaging the bicycle and the bicycle also rides easily as if the bike was empty. It was used for commercial activities as boys used them to do deliveries for chain stores, butchers, newspapers delivery just to name a few. The Cycle truck is designed with a low gear so that the riding it gets easier, also the parking stand is found at the front tire at the level of the basket. It is found directly under the basket which helps prevent tilting when the bike is parked. The building of the Schwinn Truck is done with materials that make it possible for the bike to withstand heavy duty and weight for years without getting damaged. The Schwinn Company in its effort of building an economical delivery truck turned to design this brand of Schwinn bicycle.

Parts, specification and model

The frame is a counter braced that can either be 18 inch or 10 inch in size, the tank is a cantilever type and is responsible to support the load in the basket frame and causes the decentralization of the trains. The tires in this model are as expectedly large tires for the heavy duty design of the bike which are 20 inch front and at the rear we have 26 inch. The rims of this bike are made of heavy iron with thicker stock. The spokes are 105 gauge and this helps for quick delivery of products with the bike. Though the basket in this model is mounted on the frame it does not interfere with the steering. The basket itself has a size for the S1 type 24”x 16” x 11” while the S2 type is 28” x 22” x 11”. The different colors of the Cycle truck are black or yellow enamel, light red and green or blue.

For the models we have S1 which is a 26×20” Cycle truck with a small basket, and the S2 26×20” is a cycle truck with a large basket and is suitable for both boys and girls.

The Schwinn fair lady

This is referred to mostly as the Schwinn Cruiser women’s bike as it was designed mostly for daughters, mothers and even grandmothers. This model is designed with a 20 inch frame, it is sparkling and beautiful to view, it is made of standard middle weight tires, handlebars in the form of a butterfly, a conspicuous white flower trimmed basket to carry little packages and a rear reflector. Colors of the bike are violet, white with rose and shiny blue. The fair lady Schwinn is fresh, has fashion and one gets much fun riding it as it is easy to ride it.

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The Schwinn Fleet

Introduced in 1962 the Schwinn Fleet was in the market, it had a sparkling chrome rear carrier and the 20” model lacks a carrier. The different colors are flamboyant red and black enamel. The Schwinn Fleet was described as a fully equipped bike that had outstanding values. It was made up of a tank with built in horns, with a headlight at its front, the saddles were two-tone, the rear carrier was plated and chromed and the rims were also chromed but tubular in shape. A Schwinn cruiser bike of 24” version of the Fleet model was designed in 1967 that was equipped with chromed plated fenders, the tank was streamlined with built in horns, the rear carrier was also chromed and plated, the headlight was fender – mounted, the kickstand was strongly build in and the colors of this model release were copper tone, red and black.

The Schwinn hornet bicycle

This is recorded as one of the best Schwinn bikes in terms of style and once rated America’s favorite bicycle. Released in 1953, it is made up of a superior workmanship as the bike has a complete line-up of its parts, its headlight powerful and rocket ray, the tank is streamed-lined with a build in horn, its luggage carrier is sturdy and the rods are trust. The low price and good design of this brand made it popular at the level of the kids as more and more kid’s attention was turned to purchase a Schwinn Hornet. Another model of this bike was released in 1954 which had the following types 26” size with that of boys being D-15 and that of girls was the D-65; 24” size with that for boys being the J-25 and that for girls being the J-75; 20” size with that for boys was the J-35, and that for girls the J-85. Subsequently, the bike experienced upgrades up to the year 1964 with new modifications each year.

The Schwinn Hornet Deluxe

The Schwinn Deluxe Hornet model introduced in 1955 came as a wonderful model as it had many features at a modest cost. The parts that were always commonly found on this model are the spring fork, the ray light which is rocket shaped, two tones with special colors, the rims were chromed and had white walls tires. Models of this brand of Schwinn bicycle was upgraded each year up to 1960.

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The Schwinn Jaquar

The Schwinn Jaquar was first introduced in 1954 and at that moment it was one of the world’s best bikes. The bike had a 3 speed gear and was built with hand brakes to give more life to the bikes performance and had balloon tires all of which made it the best at that particular moment. The specifications of the bike is that the tank was a cantilever Schwinn balloon, had chromed truss rods, 3-speed rear hub. The color of this model could be blue, green, black enamel and opal red.

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  • Huffy Cruisers – Huffy Cruiser Bikes ReviewHuffy Cruisers – Huffy Cruiser Bikes Review HUFFY CRUISER BIKES REVIEW The Origin and Evolution of Huffy Bicycles Huffy cruiser bicycles are bikes manufactured by the Huffy Corporation, a company based in the United States of America, which began as Huffman Manufacturing Company in 1928. Back in 1887 the pioneer founder of Huffman Manufacturing Company, George P. Huffman, acquired the Davis Sewing Machine Company that was later transformed into a bicycles manufacturing factory. The trade name Huffman Manufacturing Company was founded by Horace Huffman Sr. (George’s Son) in 1924 and began its main operations by manufacturing and importing bicycles however this was done under the canopy of the Dayton trademark (it is worth noting that from 1924 to 1949, Huffman Manufacturing Company continued to manufacture and sell […]
  • Huffy Women’s Deluxe Cruiser Bike ReviewHuffy Women’s Deluxe Cruiser Bike Review Huffy Women's Deluxe Cruiser Bikes: My name is Roxy, and I just started college in August. I moved to California. I am going to the California State University near Long Beach, and I thought it would be nice to have beach cruiser bikes for fun and conveyance. I chose the Huffy Women's Deluxe Cruiser Bike because it was not too expensive and it has everything I need. Besides the lock and helmet, I didn’t have to get anything extra. It is useful and cute for women's cruiser bikes. I’ve had it for almost three months now, and I was thinking about writing a review of my experience with Huffy cruiser bikes to help you make your mind if you are looking for beach cruiser bikes. Amazon Current Price My first day of Class I was nervous about my first day of classes […]

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