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The Origin and Evolution of Huffy Bicycles

Huffy cruiser bicycles are bikes manufactured by the Huffy Corporation, a company based in the United States of America, which began as Huffman Manufacturing Company in 1928. Back in 1887 the pioneer founder of Huffman Manufacturing Company, George P. Huffman, acquired the Davis Sewing Machine Company that was later transformed into a bicycles manufacturing factory. The trade name Huffman Manufacturing Company was founded by Horace Huffman Sr. (George’s Son) in 1924 and began its main operations by manufacturing and importing bicycles however this was done under the canopy of the Dayton trademark (it is worth noting that from 1924 to 1949, Huffman Manufacturing Company continued to manufacture and sell bicycles under the Dayton trademark) and produced its first Huffy bike by 1892 in Dayton.

Huffy Corporation is amongst the leading manufacturer and supplier in motor bikes, bicycles and accessories and parts with services developed to improve consumer satisfaction, standard of living, lifestyle and optimise business performance. Huffy bikes are known for their incorporation of fashionable features and construction of fit for purpose bicycles to meet the ever growing demand of the distinct set of bicycle customers or buyers.

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Since then Huffy bikes have been competing with other bike designs, models and brands so as to take part in the cycling industry in the United State. Regardless of the challenges faced by the cycling industry before and during the second world war (1939 – 1945), Huffy Corporation tried incorporating into the Huffy convertible bike around the year 1942, the first training wheels.

The first bicycle to bare the Huffy name was the bicycle created for children and came with a rear training wheels and footsteps. This bicycle was known as the Huffy Convertible and was developed in 1949.By 1955, sweet sound was brought to two wheels with a radio built in the tank and on the rear carrier a battery pack and an antenna was also built into the Huffy Radio bicycles. The Huffy logo was created in 1959 and the company had all its bicycles and Huffy swapped or converted to bare the Huffy name.

Huffman became one of the largest manufacturers of bicycles in the United State of America in the 1960s.Huffy proceeded in the development and manufacturing of unique and somewhat distinct bike models such as:

  • The Radio Bike, which was a bicycle that had an electron-tube radio attached to the tank;

  • The Scout, which was a road bicycle with a gear system running up to 10 speed levels;

  • The Dragster sometimes also known as the “wheelie bike”. This bicycle aka muscle or high-riser bike was designed to attract and capture the interest of children with features such as an ape hangar handlebar, a banana seat and small; and

  • The Sigma, a BMX (meaning a bicycle motocross) bike that is sports (track or off road) bicycle used for racing and stunt riding.

Huffy’s experience and expertise in the creation and development of efficient bicycles used by athletes. Five medals were won during the Olympics game competition in 1984 by cyclist or bikers that used Huffy bikes.

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Later on in the year 2004, the 76-year-old manufacturers of bicycles like the Dayton Roadster and Huffy Convertible (that is the Huffy Corporation) declared it had financial problems especially with its accounting sector. Due to this accounting irregularities the price of Huffy stocks in the New York Stock Exchange market plummeted by approximately 40 percent. In August of same year, Huffy stocks were put off and removed from the New York Stock Exchange. Huffy finally announced that the Huffy Corporation and all its United States and Canadian subsidiaries would file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. The bankruptcy notwithstanding the company came to an agreement with its principal suppliers for the continuous shipping of products while it expected to meet commitments to customers through 2005.

In 2006 it was recorded that more than 100 million Huffy bicycles had been sold in the world market. In the years 2010, a complete line redesign aiming to bring fresh designs and consumer comfort. Also, a smaller size for young riders was created from the Huffy Green Machine in 2012 so that riders can have different tune to spin.

The need for Huffy passionate riders was met in 2013 when the passion for innovation from Huffy resulted in the discovery of a new line of Elite Series performance bike. Presently, all the bikes that are sold under the Huffy name are produced in China.

Types of Huffy Bicycles or Bikes

Huffy built a lot of bicycles to try and accommodate the desires and wishes of its diverse clientele. These clients are of various works of life, gender and age groups just to cite a few. The table below shows the model of bikes manufactured by Huffy to meet the gender categories. The special* column indicates the bikes that were styled as per certain trending themes especially applied in the bicycles or bikes developed for the boys and girls (usually under the age of 13).







Cruiser Bikes


Cruiser Bikes


Star Wars

City Bikes


City Bikes



Mountain Bikes


Mountain Bikes



3.0 Series Mountain Bikes

Green Machine

Panama Jack


Battery Powered Ride On


# Huffy Men’s bicycles or bikes

Huffy makes bikes that match the macho but yet playful and fun side of a man. It has developed cruiser for the joy of riding a bike through the town or village; the city or hybrid bike for riding in the cities with comfort and the mountain bike for the off road tracks and stunts. Hence amongst the men’s model of bikes built, there are four main categories that is the Cruiser Bikes; City Bikes; Mountain Bikes; and the 3.0 Series Mountain Bikes.

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26″ Big Daddy Men’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Southwind™ Men’s 7-Speed Cruiser Bike

26″ Tyrant 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Cape Cod Men’s Cruiser Bike

27.5″ Parkside™ Perfect Fit™ Frame Men’s City Bike

27.5″ Carnage 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Cranbrook Men’s Cruiser Bike

27.5″ Prospect™ Men’s Cruiser Bike

24″ Pulsar 3.0™ Boys’ Mountain Bike

26″ Deluxe Men’s Cruiser Bike

700c Kenwood™ Men’s 7-Speed Bike

29″ Torch 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Good Vibrations Men’s Cruiser Bike

700c Norwood™ Men’s 7-Speed City Bike

27.5″ Vantage™ 3.0 Aluminum Frame Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Nassau Men’s Cruiser Bike

700c Sportsman™ Men’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Skirmish 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ NelLusso Men’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Region 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Panama Jack Men’s Cruiser Bike

27.5″ Vantage 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Santa Fe Men’s Cruiser Bike

27.5″ Brawn 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Southwind Men’s 7-Speed Cruiser Bike

26″ Fortress 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike, Blue

27.5″ Prospect Men’s Cruiser Bike

29″ Warhawk™ 3.0 Men’s Mountain Bike

27.5″ Venue Men’s Cruiser Bike

29″ Millennial Men’s Cruiser Bike


27.5″ Brawn 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

29″ Araxa™ Men’s Mountain Bike

27.5″ Rangeline™ Men’s Mountain Bike

27.5″ Tocoa™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Region 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

27.5″ Ravine™ Men’s Mountain Bike

27.5″ Vantage 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Incline™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Rock Creek™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Alpine™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Skirmish 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Superia™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Evader™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Tyrant 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

29″ Tactic™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Fortress 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike, Blue

24″ Incline™ Boys’ Mountain Bike

29″ Bantam™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Granite™ Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Rival™ Aluminium Frame Men’s Mountain Bike

29″ Torch 3.0™ Men’s Mountain Bike

29″ Warhawk™ 3.0 Men’s Mountain Bike

26″ Star Wars™ Stormtrooper™ Men’s Mountain Bike

27.5″ Vantage™ 3.0 Aluminium Frame Men’s Mountain Bike


# Huffy Boy’s bicycles or bikes

Huffy does not only limit itself to the manufacturing of bicycles for adults but as well as for kids (both male and female). Since bicycles aren’t always easy and secure for some kids and also as a way to diversify the fun stuff for kids, Huffy has the trike and scooter in its repertoire. The scooters and trike (aka tricycles) are of various models and types and are built for fun, pleasure, cruising, etc. Huffy makes efficient bikes, dirt bikes, trikes, scooters, and other amazing wheeled devices for kids. These bikes, scooters and tricycles have be customised by themes for the kids to submerge themselves in the make believe wheeled adventures they can come up with while keeping fun memories. Below are a few examples of some models that can be found under the categories of bikes, scooters and trikes manufactured by the Huffy Corporation in the likeness of boys.

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12″ Marvel® Ultimate Spider-Man® Boys’ Bike

Disney/Pixar Cars 3-Wheel Secret Storage Scooter

Marvel® Ultimate Spider-Man® Boys’ Trike

12″ Marvel® Ultimate Spider-Man® Boys’ Bike – Titan Hero

Marvel® Ultimate Spider-Man® 3-Wheel Secret Storage Scooter

Marvel® Ultimate Spider-Man® Boys’ Trike

12″ Pro Thunder™ Boys’ Bike

Marvel® Avengers® Inline Folding Scooter

Spider-Man™ Dual Power Trike and Battery-Powered Ride-On

12″ Uproar™ EZ Build™ Boys’ Bike

Marvel® Captain America® Boys’ Inline Folding Scooter

Disney/Pixar Cars Boys’ Lights and Sounds Trike

14″ Marvel® Iron Man® Boys’ Bike – Titan Hero

Marvel® Ultimate Spider-Man® Inline Folding Scooter

Disney/Pixar Cars Boys’ Tricycle

16″ Marvel® Avengers® Assemble Boys’ Bike

Marvel® Avengers® Inline Folding Scooter

Marvel® Spider-Man® Boys’ Trike

16″ Marvel® Ultimate Spider-Man® Boys’ Bike

Marvel® Ultimate Spider-Man® 3-Wheel Preschool Scooter

Marvel® Spider-Man® Boys’ Trike with Bag

16″ Marvel® Ultimate Spider-Man® Boys’ Bike – Titan Hero

Marvel® Ultimate Spider-Man® 3-Wheel Preschool Scooter

Huffy Green Machine® Tri-Wheel

16″ Pro Thunder™ Boys’ Bike

Star Wars™ Episode VII™ Boys’ Lights and Sounds Inline Scooter

18″ Marvel® Avengers® Boys’ Bike – Titan Hero

Tailwhip Drift Boys’ Inline Scooter

20″ Decay™ Boys’ BMX Bike

Disney Olaf Inline Folding Scooter

20″ Double Take™ Boy’s Bike

Marvel® Ultimate Spider-Man® Lights and Sounds Inline Scooter

20″ Pro Thunder™ Boys’ Bike

Star Wars™ The Force Awakens™ Boys’ Inline Scooter Plus

20″ Shockwave™ Boys’ Bike

Star Wars™ The Force Awakens™ Boys’ Scooter Plus

20″ Spectre™ Boys’ BMX Bike

Disney Planes Boys’ 3-Wheel Scooter with Silver Wheels


# Women’s Huffy bicycles or bikes

Huffy makes women bicycles that are suitable for the women while taking into consideration their comfort, morphology and physiology. Huffy develops bikes for various different uses ranging from comfy cruising, bike riding in the neighbourhood to off road trail riding and stunts. Huffy makes three categories of bikes under the women section or division which include the cruiser bikes, the city bikes and the mountain bikes. Some of these bikes have upright riding positions, comfortable saddles and decent designs. The combination of these aspects makes the Huffy women’s bike (especially the cruiser bikes) a great fun and pleasant ride. Other categories have a wide range of shock absorbers (suspensions), various speeds, and robust designs to tackle the different terrains and adventure.

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20″ Cranbrook™ Girls’ Cruiser Bike

26″ Deluxe™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Newport™ Women’s 7-Speed Cruiser Bike

24″ Granite™ Girls’ Mountain Bike

24″ Deluxe™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Good Vibrations™ Women’s Cruiser Bike,

26″ Olympia™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

24″ Incline™ Girls’ Mountain Bike

24″ Good Vibrations™ Girls’ Cruiser Bike

26″ NelLusso™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

27.5″ Calais™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Alpine™ Women’s Mountain Bike

24″ Nassau™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Newport™ Women’s 7-Speed Cruiser Bike

27.5″ Parkside™ Perfect Fit™ Frame Women’s City Bike

26″ Granite™ Women’s Mountain Bike

24″ NelLusso™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Olympia™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

27.5″ Prospect™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Incline™ Women’s Mountain Bike

26″ BayPointe™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Panama Jack® Women’s Cruiser Bike

700c Kenwood™ Women’s 7-Speed Bike

26″ Rival™ Aluminum Frame Women’s Mountain Bike

26″ Cape Cod™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Regatta™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

700c Norwood™ Women’s 7-Speed City Bike

26″ Superia™ Women’s Mountain Bike

26″ Catalina™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Santa Fe™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

700c Savannah™ 7- Speed Women’s City Bike

26″ Trail Runner™ Women’s Mountain Bike

26″ Champion™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Southwind™ Women’s 7-Speed Cruiser Bike

700c Sportsman™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

24″ Granite™ Girls’ Mountain Bike

26″ Cranbrook™ Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Summerland™ Women’s Cruiser Bike


# Girl’s huffy bikes

Huffy does not neglect the fact that little girls would love to have fun outdoors on wheels as well. So Huffy manufactures bikes, scooters and tricycles to meet the needs of the girls within its bike brand. Some of the bicycles, trike and scooters have theme oriented designs to please the girls. Below are a few bikes, scooters and trikes one could browse through when searching something for their little girl.

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12″ Disney Frozen Girls’ Bike

Disney Cinderella Girls’ 3-Wheel Scooter

Disney Cinderella Girls’ Trike

12″ Disney Princess Girls’ Bike with Magic Mirror

Disney Doc McStuffins Girls’ 3-Wheel Scooter

Disney Frozen Dual Power™ Trike and Battery-Powered Ride-On

12″ Illusion™ EZ Build™ Girls’ Bike

Disney Frozen 3-Wheel Preschool Girls’ Scooter

Disney Frozen Girls’ Trike

12″ Sea Star™ Girls’ Bike

Disney Frozen 3-Wheel Secret Storage Scooter

Disney Minnie Girls’ Trike

16″ Disney Frozen Girls’ Bike

Disney Frozen Girls’ 3-Wheel Scooter

Disney Princess Girls’ Lights and Sounds Trike

16″ Disney Princess Girls’ Bike with Magic Mirror

Disney Frozen Girls’ Lights and Sounds 3-Wheel Scooter

Disney Princess Girls’ Trike

16″ So Sweet™ Girls’ Bike

Disney Frozen Inline Folding Scooter

Huffy Green Machine® Tri-Wheel

20″ Camden™ Girl’s Bike

Disney Minnie 3-Wheel Secret Storage Scooter

20″ Celebrate™ Girls’ Bike

Disney Princess 3-Wheel Preschool Girls’ Scooter

20″ Disney Frozen Girls’ Bike

Disney Princess 3-Wheel Secret Storage Scooter

20″ Double Take™ Girl’s Bike

Disney Princess Inline Folding Scooter

20″ Good Vibrations™ Girls’ Cruiser Bike

Finding Dory Inline Folding Scooter


Huffy Cruiser Bikes

It is a good idea to use Huffy bicycles to commute since their balloon tires are big and stable. That is, inherent, making them perfect bikes for moving to and from when you are in your work place. Because of this Huffy Cruiser’s very own nature, it gives it a big bonus since when using them you can hardly be unkempt or appear sweaty in your work place. Contrasting to most types of bike, it remains important to get one from a devoted bike shop or corporation like the Huffy Corporation. Knowing the name is just the clue, Huffy beach cruisers are intended for cruising and not for speed or racing, so it is very important that you visit the shop in which you are buying instead of buying online. Making a choice on which Huffy beach cruiser to buy is also an issue since many different types exist with their features. However, all the Huffy beach cruisers have few things that are common to each other, so when making your choice it will be ideal if you take a look at some of these things.

Amongst the various bikes developed and manufactured by the Huffy Corporation, one of the most popular is the men’s bicycles most especially the cruiser bicycles designed for men. The cruiser bicycles are not developed for speed or for the performance of stunts nor for racing, they are built to be elegant and comfy. This stylish and comfy design is so as to permit adult (men) riders to enjoy long leisure rides especially on the open road. The frames are robust and reliable. Below are some of the Huffy men’s cruiser bikes on the market.

Some models of the Huffy cruisers are designed for women so as to maximise their pleasure of riding as well as the need for exercises. The available useful overall quality of this Huffy cruiser bike makes is so impressive to its riders and the bike is very easy to use for the daily life. The women cruiser bikes are high standard bikes with a durable high quality cruiser frame that can be used for a long period of time. The comfortable dual density grip that it provides is very suitable for all riders. Therefore, riding these bikes makes the women feel very comfortable. The convenient pedals that it also comes with ensure that you are comfortable and make the users have fun when riding.

There are some designs and models of the huffy cruiser that are peculiar to either the men or the women and there are others that are used by both genders. The cruiser bike models that could be found for both genders are the: Cape Cod; Cranbrook; Deluxe; Good Vibrations; Nassau; NelLusso; Panama Jack; Santa Fe; and Southwind. The table below indicates the different men and women models manufactured by Huffy.



Cape Cod

Big Daddy











Good Vibrations



Cape Cod

Panama Jack


Good Vibrations






Panama Jack

Santa Fe

Santa Fe



General Characteristics and Specifications of the Huffy Cruiser Beach Bicycle

For the purpose of this huffy cruiser bike review, the specifications discussed below will be vis-à-vis the cruiser bikes designed and produced by Huffy will a little emphasis on the deluxe cruiser bike where need may arise. The cruiser division of huffy is one of the most prevalent of all the other bike division categories. The characteristics below pertain to both gender designs of the Huffy cruiser beach bikes.

Frames: Huffy cruiser bikes are comprised of tubes and stay that make up the frames. These tubes and stays may vary depending on the model and the likes or style of the owner. They can be easily customised and theme aspects added to it. The frames are usually made of resistant steel or other robust material. Classic Huffy cruiser frames consist of an adjustable rear rack.

Saddles: There are different types of saddles but in the case of the Huffy cruisers, these saddles are comfort saddles and not racing saddles implying that they a wider, heavier for ensuring a pleasurable ride. Nonetheless the saddles vary slightly between genders for example the men’s saddles are narrower and often longer than those of the women (these are wider and often short). The good looks of the Huffy cruiser bike saddles are principally an amalgamation of the cosiness of spring seats and the densely padded style details.

Seat post: The seat post supports the saddles of the bikes and as the frame of the bicycles are made of varying material but same as the frame. They are usually adjustable to suit the height of different riders. They can be easily customised and a theme aspect added to it.

Brake: The brakes system on the Huffy cruiser can be located at the front or rear of the bike depending on whether it has a single or double braking system. This setup usually depends on the model and most especially on the type of bike. The huffy deluxe cruiser have an easy to use coaster brake while other bicycles often have the calliper and the linear put brakes (good vibration cruiser bikes) incorporated which is one of the most used type of brake system identified on the Huffy cruiser.

Wheels: These are usually a combination of the tyres, rims, spokes, valves and hubs. These components are often found at the front and rear of the bicycle. The rims found on Huffy cruiser bikes are lightweight alloy that are very resistant to corrosion. The wheel size determines the type and model of the bike and sometime the gender for which the bicycle was built. There are various wheel sizes on the Huffy cruiser bikes (with the Huffy deluxe cruiser inclusive) as illustrated below. As regards designing and manufacturing of the Huffy cruiser bikes and the wheel sizes, the men’s model and the women’s cruiser models only have the 26 inch wheel size in common. Below the 26 inch wheel size we find the women’s models and above the 26 inch wheel size are predominantly the men’s Huffy cruiser models.




26 inches

20 inches

27.5 inches

24 inches

29 inches

26 inches


Derailleur: These derailleurs are the mechanism on a bicycle used to move the chain from one sprocket (gear) to another in cycling. These component can only be found on the cruiser models that have a gear system hence are absent on single speed bicycles. On a multispeed bike there are front and rear derailleurs: the front derailleur guides the chain from a chain ring to another chain ring; and the rear derailleur changes the chain from cog to cog.

Crankset: The crankset consists of a double or triple chain rings in two crank arms.

Bottom bracket: This component comprises the spindle, bearings and cups. The bottom bracket links the frame (tubes and stay) to the crankset. The spindle styles that can be found on a bicycle are either be the square taper or the splined style depending on the cruiser bike model.

Pedals: The pedals are the device used for the generation of mechanical energy required to move the bike. There are two main types of pedals i.e. the platform and the clipless pedals. The platform pedals are the ones armed on the cruiser bike because they do not need the rider to have a special cycling shoes and are designed for road and cruiser bikes. The huffy cruiser are equipped with a double density pedals to give the rider a desired comfortable ride throughout.

Headset or the front set: The head set is made up of the following parts: the handlebar grip; head tube; shock absorber; front brakes and fork. These headset and its parts are what the rider uses to guide and steer the bi-wheeled foot pedal vehicle in the desired direction. Depending on the height and morphology of the rider the headsets are adjustable to suit and match any rider.

The stem: The stem connects the stem to the handlebar and they could be threaded or threadless. The threaded stem have a quill that slides into the handle bar and is tautened with a bolt and wedge while the threadless stem clamps directly to the steerer tube and are tautened by one or more bolts.

The handlebar: The handlebar or steerer is the main component of the bike that is used for direction or guiding the apparatus in the direction wanted by the cyclist. The handlebar design and style varies amongst the different models of bicycles. There are a few designs of handlebars in the bicycles industry but the main steerers found on the Huffy cruiser bikes are the risers, drop or flat bars. The riser bars rise from the stem and lean back towards the bike rider; the flat bars go across the bar and equally lean towards the rider; while the drop bar are mounted directly to the stem and have a flat section with two hooked areas. Some of the grips on the handlebar are double density grips to ensure a firm, relaxed grip, a pleasant and comfortable ride.

The shifters: The shifters are found on bikes that had a gear system. These shifters are sometimes mounted together with the brake levers at the front of the bike (the front set). The shifters change from one gear to another.

The brake lever: The brake lever is located at the front set and is sometime mounted together with the shifter. The brake lever controls the braking system on the bicycles. Bicycles with a single speed like the Huffy deluxe cruiser bikes have a brake lever that controls just the rear wheels.

Fork: The fork is part of the front set or headset of bicycles. The most used fork type on the cruiser bikes are the rigid fork rather than those with suspensions or shock absorbers. The rigid forks are made of same sturdy material as the frame. A few materials include carbon, steel, and other alloys that are used for the fork due to their robustness.

The kickstand: The kickstand is a swivelling metal rod attached to a bicycle or bike and lies horizontally when not in use but can be kicked into a vertical position so as to support or hold the bike upright when it is stationary. The kickstand are found on all the Huffy cruiser models of bicycle.

The fenders :The fender are a sturdy feature that add a classic look to the Huffy cruiser bicycles. The fenders are installed on the bikes to keep the rider clean and dry i.e. prevent dirty water and mud from attaining the rider when riding in bad weather or insalubrious environment.

Extra features: Some huffy bikes have other features that could be classified as somewhat unconventional feature that can be found on a bike. A good example if the Radio bike on which a radio stereo was attached to the frame of the bike ensuring that the news and other radio entertainment or information sources followed the riders everywhere their went. Some other additional features that could be found on a Huffy cruiser bikes especially determined by the owner or rider of the bicycle are: the front / handlebar basket; handlebar beverage holder; cup or bottle holder; embroider saddles; dual density grip and pedals, 12 gauge spokes, pencil rubber tires, front / rear rack and cell phone carrier etc.

Comparison of the Dimensions and Features of the Huffy Cruiser Bicycles or Bikes (Men & Women)

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Age Group



Age Range

  1. years & Up

> 12 years

Bicycle Frame Size

26, 27.5, and 29 inches

20, 24, and 26 inches

Bicycle Wheel Diameter

26 inches

26 inches

Brake Style

Coaster Brakes / Calipers / Linear pull

Coaster Brakes / Calipers





Varying and customisable

Variable and customisable

Distance Between Pedals

18 inches

18 inches

Grips and Pedals

Dual density

Double density


Coordinating fender

Coordinating fender

65mm flared fenders

Frame Material Type

Many options mainly carbon, steel and metal alloys

Many options mainly carbon, steel and metal alloys




Inner Frame:

18 inches

18 inches

Maximum Weight Capacity (lb.)

250 pounds

250 pounds

Cruiser Models

>13 different model

>16 different model

Number of Speeds

1 – 7 Speed levels

1 – 7 Speed levels

Overall Length

Front to Back: 64inches

Front to Back: 52.4 inches

Overall Height

Top to Bottom: 42 inches

Top to Bottom: 33.1 inches

Overall Width

Side to Side: 27inches

Side to Side: 8.7 inches

Overall Product Weight

46 – 49 pounds

46 – 49 pounds

Rims material

Corrosion resistant steel

Corrosion resistant steel

Seats / Saddles

Padded spring saddle

Some have embroider saddles

Padded spring saddle

Some have embroider saddles

Shipping Weight

48 – 52 pounds

48 – 52 pounds


18 inches

16 inches




Wheels/Tires Size

26 inches cruiser

26 inches cruiser

Weight Limit (rider)

200 – 250 pounds

200 – 250 pounds

Accessories Included

  • Baskets
  • Reflectors
  • Kickstand
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Baskets
  • Reflectors
  • Kickstand
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Adjustable Seat Height


Huffy Bikes Carrying Capacity

Huffy is renowned for making affordable and budget-friendly men and women cruiser bicycles for all its consumers around the globe. Huffy cruiser bikes are evaluated and tested for safety and have a recommended maximum capacity. This is the maximum amount of weight the bike can safely carry while riding. Some Huffy bikes feature handlebar baskets and carriers (rear racks), so the maximum weight refers to the weight of the rider or cyclist plus anything else the bike is carrying such as groceries, maintenance tools, picnic equipment and food etc. The maximum weight limit depends on the size, the frame material, dimensions and extra features of the bike. Below is the approximation of the maximum carrying capacity of Huffy bikes especially cruiser bicycles for both adults and children (in pounds and kilograms).



Adults Cruiser Bikes

20-inch bike

150 pounds

68 kg

24-inch bicycle

250 pounds

114 kg

26-inch bicycle

250 pounds

114 kg

Cruisers, all-terrain, BMX-style and mountain bikes

250 pounds

114 kg

Children bikes

12-inch bike

60 pounds

28 kg


80 pounds

37 kg

16-inch bicycle

80 pounds

37 kg

Purchasing a Huffy cruiser (men or women) Bicycle

Huffy Corporation has designs and makes of cruiser bikes that can match the excessive demands of the ever-growing market and that are perfect for complementing the buyer’s style even for someone that has never owned a bike before. Huffy cruiser bikes manufactured by the company are built to accommodate the different individual potential buyer’s budget, lifestyle and needs.

Assembling a Huffy Cruiser Bike

One of the disadvantages for the acquisition of a huffy cruiser bicycles is that it needs to be assembled by the purchaser. The Huffy cruiser bikes come with all the necessary tools needed to assemble the bike but all that is needed is just a screw driver for assembling. Although the bike comes when it is partially assembled, to finish assembling, the proper tools are needed to make it simple. It can also be very disturbing when you receive an incomplete package of the bike that you have order from the Huffy Corporation. However, the bikes are sometimes assembled where desired by the personnel at the shop where the bicycle was bought so as to avoid stressing the customers. The bike has coaster brakes and its wider seat makes the bike to be very comfortable and easy to ride. The bike is stylish, elegant and comfortable making it a very adorable, strong and sturdy vehicle on two wheels. It sometimes comes with a front basket, rear rack and cup holder that can enable the rider carry stuff along during a nice pleasant ride.

Huffy Cruisers Review

A majority of reviewers really love and appreciate the bike. Although huffy cruiser bikes are easy to assemble, information from huffy cruiser bike reviews mentioned the 26’’ ladies deluxe cruiser bike was difficult for some persons to assemble and took three seniors three hours to assemble. Another huffy cruiser review indicates assembling the bike was a little tricky as the owner had just one wrench while assembling the bike requires a wrench set. Reviewers also comment that the bike is heavy and slow.

Safety Tips on How to Inspect and Maintain a Huffy Cruiser Bikes at Home

Below are a couple of common safety tips and maintenance tips to help the rider or owner of a bike repair / maintain their respective bikes by themselves. The following guidelines will ensure DIY Huffy bike maintenance, nonetheless if the bike problem can’t be diagnosed by the owner or rider please seek the help of a mechanic or return to the purchase shop.






Inspect for dirt and grease

Use a clean rag or wash with soapy water, rinse and air dry.


Check the wheels are securely fastened to the bicycle and axle nuts are tight.

Adjust if necessary and tighten axle nuts.

Tyre pressure

Check tyre pressure

  • Inflate tyre to the required pressure

  • If the tyre is flat, replace

Tyre inflation

Spin wheel and check rotation or alignment is smooth and even

  • Loosen axle nut(s)

  • adjust until properly seated


Inspect for signs or excessive wear, flat spots or cuts and damage.

Replace tyre when damaged or where deemed necessary


Check that valve caps are fitted and free of dirt.

Clean dirt from the valve in case of dirt

Coaster Brake

Make sure the brake arm is correctly attached to the chain stay with the brake arm clip.

Where loose, tighten and secure the brake arm to the chain stay


Check that each pedal is securely set and tighten into the crank arm every month

If necessary, re-set and tighten

Pedal reflectors

Check each front and rear pedal reflectors are clean and in place before each ride

Clean and where necessary replace


Frequently check that chains are clean, properly lubricated, rust free, and are not stretched, broken, or have stiff links.

  • Lubricate if necessary

  • Replace if rusted, stretched, or broken.


Check regularly that the crankset is correctly adjusted and tight.

If necessary replace cable


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